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***Orders are usually produced within 48 hours. 

Each of our Zekken are hand made using #10,000 weight Aizome cotton imported directly from Japan which has been dyed with a traditional process to give the material a beautiful dark blue appearance that will match your bogu perfectly. The lettering and/or logo are then applied by using Clarino leather or embroidered using a very high stitch count to ensure a unique bold font. We have the ability to replicate any pattern with our in house digitizing service.

Additionally, we offer 10% discount for customers that register a “Dojo Zekken Store” which will make it easy for your club members to order the correct and high quality club zekken by just supplying their name. Please visit our “Dojo Zekken Store Setup” link to see the benefits and process to register.  Orders of $225 or more receive free shipping.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Made in the USA

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